Nicky’s Cafe


The owner from Nicky’s cafe came and was a guest speaker for my entrepreneurship class. Nicky started of his presentation by giving us breakfast sandmich’s and catching our attention right away. Nicky shared his life story with us which was quiet interesting. It showed us a lot of his determination and hardship he went through in his life. Nicky had lived in Greece with his parents and five sibling. Nicky had to leave his home because of the poor living conditions and the little food his family had. Nicky had embarked on a journey to Canada to better his life and send money back to support his family. He was only 17 but was as mature and hard working as any grown man. Nicky had  left Greece by a boat which went from Italy to Portugal and finally ended up in Halifax, Canada. Nicky was very proud making it to Canada and becoming a Canadian citizen. Nicky was ready to start his life in the western world and only had only 10 candian dollars to his name. To make things even more difficlult, Nicky did not even speak English. He was more then ready to learn and start working hard. Once arriving in Halifax he took a train to Montreal where he ate a donut and watched tv for the first time. On December 27, 1962 Nicky had moved to Regina. Nicky had started working in a hotel as washing dishes but moved his way up to a Chief. Nicky was a very hard worker and was making 300 dollars a month. Nicky saved as much money as possible could and still sent a good amount back to his family in Greece. After living in Regina for two years Nicky had moved to Chicago and was a Chief. He really did not enjoy living their and had moved back Canada where he lived in Davidson Sk. He had worked at a truck stop while living their and shortly after moved to Regina. In 1986 Nicky had opened up the Diplomat and Nicky’s Cafe. Both restarunt’s have been very successful and Nicky’s life story is very fascinating and shows how much hardship he had to go through.

What I found really interesting about Nicky was how he came to Canada with only ten dollars and look at the success he had. It really shows how hard work pays of and you should never give up on your dreams.

Some tips Nicky had given my class was:

  • Hard times don’t last but tough people do
  • When approached with a task get it done right away and don’t leave it to the last-minute
  • Be a good person, work hard, enjoy life and don’t over do things
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