Coda – Clothing & Shoes


Colter has a passion for the clothing industry and had seen that Regina didn’t have a streetwear store. Colter had noticed this hole in Regina and had set his dreams on opening up a clothing store that carried many brands.  Colter had his bachelors degree in Business Administration with a Finance major and was on his way to own and open his clothing store. He had worked at Off Axis and obtained a lot of connections and was ready to open up his clothing store named Coda. This was not an easy task for him, he had invested $45,000 dollars of his own money and obtained $30,000 dollars from loans. He had finally opened up his store in Regina during the Fall of 2008 and Coda was on its way to being involved in the community. Coda has over 80 brands in their store and they carry a lot of the smaller brands or major brands people want. Now Colter hates poor customer service and wanted Coda to be the store that actually cared about the customers and would listen to them. Thats why Coda sells smaller brands that are popular in Regina and also bigger brands. Coda is still running strong in Regina because they listen to what the customers want and sell brands that most clothing stores wouldn’t. Coda sponsors their business online, plus is very involved in the community and doing local chairty events. They are such a huge success in Regina and have obtained a large amount of loyal customers.

Now what was really interesting to me was how Colter was so inspired to be invloved in the community and getting his business known by doing community charity events. Also how he didn’t want to open up multiple stores,  he wanted to stay small and be involved in Regina. I really admire that about Colter because he seems like a real done to earth, good person that just wants to be invloved in his community and give the best customer service. I learned a lot by Colter coming and talking to my entre 30 class. I will make sure my class breakfast company gives the best costumer service and be actively invloved in Campbell Collegiate.

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