The ”Life Savior”


This video shows an inexpensive way to solve the huge problem millions of people have to deal with everyday. Michael Pritchard has invented a tool called ”life savior” which cleans contaminated water and makes it completely safe and clean to drink. Using the tool is very easy, all you have to do is fill up the filter like bottle with filthy water. Using the handle push and pull the water through the filter. The filter cleans the water and makes it safe to drink. This “life savior” tool is so interesting and is the cheapest and most helpful tool a person in need of drinkable water can have. It allows families to not have to travel far to find clean water and this “life savior” tool gives families up to three years of clean drinking water! I completely agree with Michael Pritchard and I think his invention is a great help to the need need factor. The only question i have is how much success this invention has had and how much unfortunate family’s it has helped the to this day.

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    Hey guys this is my first blog so go easy on the comments

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